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We've worked together for nearly 20 years and I have always appreciated the professionalism and creativity of your graphic designs and your website skills. So when it came time to create a memorial site for my beloved husband, I knew that you were the only person who could do what I wanted. You took what was in my heart and transformed it into the best possible memorial. Thank you, thank you, dear friend.

Judy Whitson, Foundation for Inner Peace

I started designing websites in 1996. At that time, I used Dreamweaver. Years later, with the advent of tablets and iPhones I decided to get out of the web development business because it became too cumbersome and time-consuming to create THREE websites for each client -- one that would look good on a computer as well as on a tablets and a phone. I notified my clients that I was getting out of the web development business and instructed them to find a new web person to handle their work. Some of these clients I had been working with with for 15-20 years. I promised to continue to update their current websites for them until they could find someone else to create a new website for them. For many of those clients I was also their graphic designer and I continued to work with them in that capacity.


Web development technology kept improving and many platforms emerged that enabled sites to be created that looked good on ALL devices without the need to create 3 different versions. I tried many of them in my search for the one that I felt most comfortable learning. 


I discovered WIX in 2017 and started experimenting with it. The more I learned about it, the more I loved it. Following is a sampling of some of the websites I've created in WIX. I now use WIX exclusively for myself and my clients. If you are interested in talking with me about creating a WIX website for you, contact me.

Want to see more of my work?
Check out just some of what I've been up to below.

I couldn't be happier with my new website. It is light and has the healing essence I was looking for. Your creativity is so very much appreciated. Thank you!

NOTE: Clicking on the links below will take you to the "retired" sites catalogued by the "Wayback Machine" hosted by the Internet Archive (an amazing resource!)

Our very FIRST website originally created in 1996. This link is to 1998. It has now been completely redesigned in WIX.


Women of Vision and Action

Archived GTW Site

Explore this archived site for a historical trip into the founding of Gather the Women.

Simple Healing Tools

Website for my Simply Healing Tools book.


Website & logo created for Dr. Susan Marsters


Website designed for The Millionth Circle

Circle Connections

Website designed for Circle Connections


Website storefront for my Empowerment Jewelry business

Lynn Bieber

Lynn Bieber's Radical Spirituality Website

Looking Within

Website to display Peter Sanderson's Artistic Masks


Website for the Athena Wisdom Exchange Mentoring Program

ACIM Archives

The original ACIM Archives website

William Whitson Author

Website created for Author William Whitson to showcase his Born for Flight book series

William Whitson Memorial

William Whitson's Memorial Website developed for Judy Whitson

Richard Carlson Author

Website developed to showcase Richard Carlson's books


Website designed for Richard Carlson in 2006 featuring a new affirmation each day that I graphically designed from his Don't Sweat books.

Richard Carlson Memorial Site

Website developed for Kris Carlson to commemorate Richard Carlson.


Nonprofit website designed for Joyce Oneko


Original website created to promote a 5th Women's World Conference.

Art Appraisal Services

Website prototype created for Christina Whitson for her Art Appraisal Services


Designed Elizabeth Stephenson's Art website. (no link available)


Logo and website design for Diablo Women's Chorale.

Global Conference On Women

Promoting the necessity for a Global Conference on Woman


Site I created to promote my digital collage business in 2002,


Maintained the Miracle Studies website for Joe Jesseph


Website created for John English

DreamTime Radio

Website & logo design for John English. No link available.


Magazine published in the early 70s by James Bolen. You can get information about it in the link below.

Mary Magdalene Within

Website created for author Joan Norton.

Light A Candle for Peace

Campaign I started during the Iraq War and published through Facebook

In 2008 we were contacted by Judith Whitson and asked if we could redesign their website. The site had previously been designed in MS Word and was truly one of the worst designed websites I had ever encountered. Judy was very displeased with their current webmaster who was charging them $1500/month and never made any requested changes in the text saying that what they were requesting was too time consuming to do! Victor and I were truly outraged at what this pseudo web designer was charging them (back in 1997). We agreed to completely redesign their website using actual web design software. Check out the evolution of the ACIM site shown below. Clicking on an image will bring you to the WayBackMachine at the Internet Archive where you can actually navigate through the old site. (NOTE: In the very last example below, Victor programmed the book graphic to change as you mouse over the various country flags!)

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