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Logo & Graphic Design

I started out my graphic design career as a professional calligrapher in the late 1970s in Wisconsin. I designed restaurant menus, name-tags and place settings for events as well as framed poetry that I would give as gifts. I had a little alcove in our basement where I kept my drafting table and calligraphy supplies. Once I moved to California and got my first Mac in 1986, a whole new graphic design world opened up to me. I acquired many advanced design skills working for an engineering firm creating drawings with Adobe Illustrator 88. I also took a couple graphic design classes at Diablo Valley College. As Mac programs became more sophisticated I kept increasing my skills. I took part of my vacation time each year to attend MacWorld Expo so I could stay up-to-date with the latest Mac technology and software. I kept upgrading to new Macs when I could afford to do so.
I quit my corporate job in 1992 and have been working as a free-lance graphic designer since then. I love designing logos and PR material for my clients. Take a peek at my portfolio links below to see some samples of my work.
To see more of Carol's designs, visit her Pinterest Design Board
Custom. Dynamic. Responsive. These three words convey the mastery Carol brings to the design process. She listened, responded and delivered a gorgeous logo, helping to bring the vision to life. Thank you, Carol, for making the design experience one to be grateful for!
Stacey Sophia Robyn
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