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Design Pricing

How I work with my logo design clients:
When working with a new client who wants a logo designed, I spend time with them either on the phone or in person to determine the look and feel they want from the design, the colors they want to use, the message they want to convey. I ask them to give me links to at least 10 different logo designs they like. When I feel I understand what they are looking for, I design several different logos for them to see. If none of them are quite what they are looking for, I ask them to tell me what they like and dislike about each design. I then go back to the drawing board to come up with new designs. A logo is how a client introduces their company or business to the world, so it is really important that it has the look and feel that they desire.
Logo Design Pricing:
My basic price for designing a logo starts at $800. This includes at least 3 hours of consultation with the client and at minimum 5 different logo designs to choose from. My goal is to create a logo that my client loves, so I encourage my clients to keep working with me to refine the design until it's just what they want!
Once the logo is designed, I then provide the client with a high-resolution (600 dpi) for printing and a low resolution image to use on their website. If the client needs various iterations of the finished logo to use for different purposes, my charge $100 per iteration.
Graphic Design Pricing:
My hourly rate for graphic design services is $90. This includes creation of web and print collage designs, book cover designs, Facebook cover designs, promotional designs (rack cards, business cards, bookmarks, etc.), campaign graphics, etc.
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